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When you partner with the United Churches Worldwide Fellowship you are helping to set in motion Purpose and Destiny. The United Churches Worldwide Fellowship is God sent and mandated to change the hearts of men and move them to the next dimension in Him.


When you give, you are carrying out the great commission to spread the gospel throughout all nations. If we are going to turn our communities, churches and nations back to God we must begin to cut covenants one with another.

Our Covenant Partnership program has been designed to allow individuals to participate in the continued growth and development of the Fellowship. Partnership will allow the members of the Fellowship and the general Covenant Partner member to be a blessing to our International Ministry by alleviating the financial burden off any one member in the Fellowship.


When you give you are literally helping to Plant a Church, Helping Others in the time of need, and keeping the Daily Operations of the Fellowship alive and functioning with a spirit of excellence fulfilling its God given purpose.


Your partnership has “Purpose” and “Destiny” here at U.C.W.F. God will use you for the work of the Ministry, for the perfecting of the saints and the edification of the body of Christ Jesus. God is using you to bless others and move us into our God mandated Destiny, to carry out our mission to change lives through the word of God all across this world.

Covenant Partners Responsibilities

  • Pray for the Fellowship on a daily basis

  • Support with your monthly / yearly contributions

  • Pray for the Presiding Bishop and the Tiers of Leadership

  • Support Local Fellowship engagements in your area

  • Support the International Conferences

Responsibility of the Fellowship
What Your Contribution Does…

 • Help care for daily operations of the International Headquarters Office and Staff, so that we will have the materials, equipment and resources to operate on a day-to-day basis.

    • Help to acquire and accrue a savings so that investments and profits can be used to further the efforts and Vision of the Fellowship.


    • Aiding of domestic and foreign missions that mandate assistance with the building of the Body of Christ by planting seeds from Covenant Partners for the stamina, sustenance, and support and distressed churches around the country.


    • Help with the acquiring of real estate which will improve the assets and financial position of the Fellowship, by allowing us to have bargaining power for development of real estate and special projects done internationally.


    • Pray for our Partners.
    • Mail monthly and quarterly correspondence.
    • Fellowship Benefits through financial combined efforts.
    • Training programs for all tiers of ministry

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